Sunday, July 10, 2011

Also Shmuel left


Every Jewish soul has its unique way of serving G-d and that of Shmuel certainly did not lack for warming our heart. Shmuel was a strong nature: slender, broad shoulders and an irresistible smile, it was with a formidable energy that he fulfilled its task of Eved Hashem (servant of G-d). I believe, it is to have him closer that the Master of the world recalled him so early.

The inexplicable makes us grow

If that was not the case, how could one explain this senseless murder? Could a monster of Ukraine remove from this world a Jewish soul, without the prior consent of Heaven? Ukrainian land is not yet dry from the Jewish blood stream which flowed during the terrible hours of the Holocaust and that of Shmuel has to be spilled! How to explain the inexplicable?

Just hours before the horrific news, we'd just wish mazal tov to Shmuel's father: one of his daughters would soon become engaged. What a joy soon to share in the family! It took just one phone call to break the momentum toward the summits. The hands from a animal with the face of a human being had committed the irreparable and make the father of Shmuel sink in a nameless grief.

"Master of the world! When will this interminable exile end? Until when will you let Your enemies feast on our blood? I beg You to put an end to this hell, as soon as possible. Thanks to this, how many tears will not run down on the cheeks of fathers, mothers and children hurt in their flesh and in their heart?! Your people are burnt out; hear his call and hear his pain! "

Few weeks before being murdered on the accursed land of Ukraine, Shmuel had found his future wife and the two families had already begun preparations for the future marriage. Shmuel had been killed and I remember the verse (Job 5:12): "[G-d] frustrated the plots of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise."

Where was the Creator in the hour of Shmuel's death?

At his side of course! It is precisely Him who decided to recall this holy soul to Heaven. What we have to say is that it is impossible for us to know and to understand why. It is when we are in the darkness that our Emunah can grow enormously. By his agonizing death, Shmuel helps us to grow and to come closer to G-d.

This darkness surrounded us at the time when the body of this holy soul was put underground. The sky was impressively black that night in Jerusalem. I am sure Hashem does not regret His decision, but with this opaque black, He probably wanted to give us His understanding for our pain.

In his great grief, Shmuel's father showed an incredible dignity. The first words he spoke after the funeral of his son were those of the Kaddish (the prayer for the dead); in our suffering, our words are heard quickly in Heaven. The prayer of Shmuel's father has been well received, without any doubt.

Shmuel, you left this world since only a few days and your absence is already missed by all your family. I know your dad and your mom have a great Emunah; they will have to use it to comfort your brothers and sisters. The whole community will remain united to his best and provide the help we can to your family. Now that you are with Him, ask G-d to lessen their grief. Every tear that will not flow down the cheeks of your mother is priceless. I trust you not to spare your efforts.

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