Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Few roses, a cat and an echo

des roses et un chat en echo

One morning, while he was watering the flowers in his garden, Steve found a kitten who had taken refuge among the roses and tulips. In his view, it was a cringe; it's not that Steve does not like cats, but he knows their habits. His garden is tidy and he did not want to see a cat to relieve himself, bring in food bins nearby ...

An implicit understanding

After considering the situation, Steve decided what he would do: he would accept the cat in his garden, but undertook not to feed him. Thus, it would limit the foods that were strewn on his lawn. In fact, the cat got into the habit of going to sleep in the garden - between roses and tulips - without paying the slightest attention to the owner of the place. He knew he had nothing to fear from him and nothing to receive.

However, Steve took a liking to the kitten and began to give him time to time to eat. The cat did not take long to understand: when he saw Steve out in his garden without paying attention to him, he did not even lifted his head: he knew that no food was for him. On the other hand, if he heard Steve clapping, he sprang like an arrow: he knew that a piece of chicken or a bowl of milk was waiting for him. In other words, the cat's reaction echoed the attitude of the owner.

When we transgress the will of the Creator - G-d forbid - we're just like Steve who walks in his garden for pleasure. The forces of evil - which in our history are symbolized by the cat -  give us little attention. They know that we are far away from Hashem; in other words, we do their work. Why would they come to meet us?

However, when we decide to change our path and to get closer to the Master of the world, it is not made to please them. At the view of our behavior - which now bears the sign of Holiness - the forces of evil become awake to counter our plans. If everyone knows what an echo is, we need to know that there are also spiritual echoes: the awakening of the forces of death to our spiritual awakening. This is like the cat in our history that leaps like a tiger when he hears the owner of the garden clapping in his hands.

We now understand why every spiritual awakening is followed by an awakening of the forces of evil. Did we decide to follow the rules of the Chabath and not to work on the holiest day of the week? Our boss fires us after a few days! Would we now prefer to eat like a Jewish person and not even look at foods which are not kosher? Our parents threatened to throw us out of the house if we refuse to eat at their table! Etc.. In all these cases, the spiritual awakening of the person caused an echo: the forces of death that also wake up to attack him.

Too often we take this awakening of the forces of evil as a sign sent from Heaven to make us understand that we do not follow the right path. "Didn't I want to follow the laws of Shabbat? See by yourself: Heaven does not approve of my decision: I was fired the same week! If G-d was with me, He would not have let that happen."; "Didn't I want to eat kosher? If Heaven had approved my decision, it would have made my parents to understand me! "

There is nothing more false than such arguments: they are not sent from Heaven, but by our evil inclination that seeks to make us quit our Holy projects. The sometimes not so friendly comments from members of our family or our friends - added to the painful events we have to go through - for wanting to go closer to G-d must be recognized for what they really are: a spiritual  echo, nor more nor less. Rather than give up, we must strengthen ourselves and pray Heaven with a great zeal to help us in this supreme battle. If we do that, we will come out winners, for sure!

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