Monday, July 4, 2011

Reading Tehilim (Psalms) 6:9

Lire les Téhilim (Psaumes) 6:9

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"Depart from me, all you evil doers; for the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping."(Psalms 6:9)

Our life is full of events which follow one after the other at a speed that often leaves us barely time to breathe. In these circumstances it is easy not to see the priorities on which we must focus our efforts. In this verse, King David has summarized them perfectly.

The three aspects which David refers are the choke points of a Jewish soul's life In a first step, we must realize that evil forces are continually trying to move us away from Hashem. Then we need to know that it is only toward the Master of the world that we must concentrate our efforts. Finally, it is by the sincerity of our feelings that we can be saved.

The three foundations of life

The forces of evil are extremely smart. They know very well that if they showed to us their real face, it would be easier for us to push them away. To avoid this, they make themselves discrete; in fact, they even hoped to be forgotten completely! If we see what is happening around us, we must admit that they succeed more often: how many people admit their presence and their negative role in their daily lives?

However, it is vital to know that for every bad thought and at every opportunity that we missed  to become closer to the Creator, we have been their victim. In their absence, we would desire but one thing: clinging to G-d and to separate ourselves completely from this world. That world is like a jungle full of predators. If we really open your eyes, for which reason should we receive pleasure from the material aspects of our lives? Our role is to avoid those predators and to take all the precautions to avoid falling into the many traps that they tend us.

The only one who can save us from those evil forces is Hashem. That is why we must never hesitate to call Him: by praising Him, praying Him and asking Him whatever we need, from the smallest thing to the biggest. While some put their trust in their wealth, their army or other wordly concepts, we must realize it is from Heaven that our salvation is sent and not from any other place. It is even more important not to forget this when we are experiencing a difficult period in our lives, G-d forbid.

Finally, the third essential element of Jewish life are the tears we often shed. Tears are of two types: good and bad. If our tears arouse in us a feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and frustration, they are from the wrong type. However, if they make us grow in our desire to get closer to G-d, to become a better person and to live a life that is not only material, they are from the right type.

If we cry for the right reasons, we will never be sad. Rather, our love of the Creator will take more weight - with every tear - and it is a sea of indescribable pleasures that will wait for us. People who are close to Hashem know it well: the material pleasures are nothing compared to the spiritual ones. May we cry often expressing our desire to discover them! 

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