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Reading Tehilim (Psalms) 6:10

Lire les Téhilim (Psaumes) 6:10

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"The Lord has heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer." (Psalm 6:10)

We have already said that King David wrote this chapter while he was seriously ill. Near its conclusion, the sixth chapter of Psalms tells us that David was healed and that he thanked the Heaven for this.

Strength of Emunah

Seeing that he had recovered, King David knew pertinently the reasons of his recovery: it's from Heaven that it was decided he should be cured, in the same way that it was in Heaven it was decided he should be sick. With the strength of his Emunah (faith), David knew very well that nothing escapes the Divine and that our reasons to redouble our prayers and our thanks are innumerable.

The person who has a complete Emunah makes no mistake: the apparent causes which allow us to explain the events of our daily lives are only tools Hachem uses to hide His presence. If the Emunah of an person is perfect, he or she knows the he or she must give no weight to these causes and factors.

So, when we pray to get a particular thing, it is obvious that we must thank the person who - ultimately - gives it to us. Did we ask for a raise? We must thank our boss who gave it to us. Did we want to go to vacation few days at the other end of the world? We shouldn't be stingy on the  praises we have to give to our rich uncle who surprised us by sending us an big check ... However, we must not forget this: they all are the messengers of Heaven that G-d uses to answer our prayers.

It is with the same Emunah that we must pray for all the things we are still missing. For each prayer recited, we must be sure that Hachem will answer us: today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow ... We know that our prayers will be accepted by the Heaven's grace. In these cases also, we must not forget that the apparent aspects of each answer is not its essence.

Knowing that it is G-d who gave us what we have and will give us what we want, are two fundamental aspects of our relation with the Master of the world. It is for this reason that our salvation can only come from Heaven: nothing exists except G-d's will. A major threat to Emunah is to believe that several things that we have have been granted to us outside G-d's will.

Of course, we shouldn't believe that mere request is enough to immediately receive what we want. This would be contrary to the principle that each person receives what he or she deserves. Obviously, it is impossible to know precisely how Hashem runs the world. However, one thing is certain: there is no injustice, it is only our limited understanding which makes some explanations difficult.

It is important to realize that it is mainly in these difficult cases that our Emunah is judged in Heaven. When we are struggling to find some logic to a particular event, but we know for sure that this is the will of G-d, we are showing a great Emunah. It is this strength that allows the individual to live all the challenges in life without being disturbed. As long as he or she knows that life is guided by the Creator, what is the reason to worry?

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